Friday, August 6, 2010

Jill Stuart Fall/Winter 2010 Collection Haul and Review

Hello everyone~
Today I would love to post about my Jill Stuart haul.
I'm infected with Jill-Stuart-virus! LOL.
I don't why somehow their products looks so interesting to me recently. Too bad they're so pricey, can't buy a lot. >.<

Their new blush is called Blush Blossom comes in 5 different colors.

They are 01 Romantic Sweet Pea, 02 Sweet Mum, 03 Lady Amaryllis, 04 Seductive Rose and limited edition 05 Poetic Daisy

Blush Blossom is so different from their regular mixed compact blush.
It only contains 5 gr of product. The usual compact blush is 9 gr. Therefore eventhough it's bigger but it's lighter than the regular compact.

I got the 05 Poetic Daisy because it is LE. The other 4 are permanent.

In the picture below is the 05 Poetic Daisy Blush Blossom (left) and the 05 Pastel Peach Mixed Blush Compact (right)

05 Pastel Peach Mixed Blush Compact is also LE and found it on ebay with OK price so I bought it :)
Here is how it looks like once both lid are open.
The Blush Blossom has another white plastic lid inside.

Here is the look of the blush inside the white plastic lid.
The left side is called Shimmer Tint and the right side is called Blush Glow.

Here is the direction on how to apply them:

- Take an appropriate amount through the screen.
- Remove excess from the brush using the screen
-Apply Blush Glow then Shimmer Tint

In 05 Poetic Daisy, the Shimmer Tint is a light pink color and the Blush Glow is peach.

The swatches:
L-R: Shimmer Tint --- Blush Glow --- Shimmer Tint over Blush Glow
(Sorry for the bad pic)

Lets now compare the brush. Even though they look identical, they're actually so different in so many ways.

The new brush doesn't attachable to the Blush Blossom Compact but it has a cute ribbon attached to it.
The pattern printed on the body of the brush is also different.

The new brush (left) is synthetic and whiter than the usual brush (right).
I'm sorry the second picture below is reversed.

I also got the new Jelly Eye Color N in #13 Antique Chiffon and 10 Vintage Decor

#13 Antique Chiffon is from their new Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

I have 2 more Jelly Eye Color N on their way.
I'll do another review once they get here :)

Both of them are brown but Antique Chiffon is more Taupe in my opinion. It's also not as pigmented as Vintage Decor and very shimmery.
I prefer Vintage Decor. I can't see the color of Antique Chiffon in my lid, only shimmer everywhere. Not recommended if you don't like shimmer eyes.

Ok, I hope you enjoy my post.
Till my next post :)