Friday, March 5, 2010

My February 100th Followers Giveaway Winners

Hi ladies~~~
Finally I finished reading all of your comments... I got 103 entries this time.. wow! Thank you for all of you who have participate on the giveaway. Muaxxx...

BTW, I decided not to choose the second winner randomly. There are some of you who I think really devoted your time to share your love stories with me. I really appreciate that. You guys deserved to win! Too bad I only able to choose two winners..

and the tough decision was made....

I decided to choose two stories that touched me the most. I think you all will agree with me after reading their stories.

So~ Without further waiting...

The first winner is

Stephanie from Austria!!

Here is her story...

"I wanted to write about my boyfriend and how we met then married in Austria, but the BEST inspirational love experience in my life actually came from a stranger, well, Sarah was a stranger at first.

A little background: I was sent to different places to live since the age of 12 because my birth-mother never wanted to have me; told me I was an accident, but didn't abort me/give me up for adoption. So I grew up in a hostile, abusive environment; she took all her anger out on me.

Eventually my parents sent me to live in a Christian foreign exchange student home when I was in 7th grade. They paid this lady to take care of me, except she didn't care about me at all; she only did it for money.

I had to go to church since it was a Christian home, and this is where I met Sarah. She was just a stranger, a volunteer youth group leader, and I one of many kids in the group. But she took time to get to know each of us, taking greater concern with me when she found out where I was living and why I was there. She started to take me out on weekends, to the movies, go to eat...really spending quality time with me and tried to do fun things with me so I wouldn't be so depressed.

I will never forget that a total stranger showed me love the way one would expect from their own blood. This was truly an inspirational love experience for me.

To this day, Sarah has known me since I was 12 and we still keep in touch (I am now almost 24 years old) "

Thanks Stephanie for sharing your amazing story to us.
Sarah did inspired you, but now you are the one who inspired us! :)

and the second place goes to

Tina from Reading, PA!!

and her story...
"Well I will apologize awhile cause this post is going to be long but its the best answer to your question.
There are so many things i could post about. Love letters, cheesy dinners made, etc.

But i have to post about the moment i knew he was "the one."
My now husband is a typical guys guy. Always wanting us to party and hang out with our friends.
For almost everyone we know New Years eve is a time to celebrate which means getting dressed up, eleborte parties and mixers and lots of drinking.
On new years eve 2005-2006 all of our friends as usual had big party plans. It had been a rough year for me as i moved home from college to take care of my grandmother. My mother has passed away when i was 13 and my grandfather had passed away the year before. My grandmother was old and not in the best health and i couldnt bear the thought of her living alone. Anyway new years eve came and the thought of leaving her alone was heartbreaking but i figured she would go to bed early as she usually did and wouldnt think twice about the day. It was
my fiance who came to me and said why don't we ditch our party plans and stay home with your yaya (grandmother in greek) ps i had not even mentioned staying home with her or the fact that i was saddened by the thought of her home alone. I was shocked, though they got along very well, it was definitly not Mr. Steve's cup of tea to stay in on such an important day or spend it with an 80 year old woman who spoke mostly greek, a language he doesnt understand.
So thats what we did. The joy on her face when we told her we were spending the evening with her still makes my heart fill up with joy to this day. The evening was filled mostly with us all snuggling on the couch watching new years events on tv, and me translating what she was saying. The two of them even opened a bottle of prolly 80 year old greek wine and toasted at midnight together. It was the moment i knew he was in it for the long hall and no matter what, he would be by my side and was willing to give up things for not only me but the people i loved.

My grandmother is now in a nursing home and on her windowsill to this day sits a picture of a picture of the three of us we took that new years eve night.
It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it now. Hhaha im such a sap.
I would have to say that is the most romatic thing he has ever done. It wasnt overly romantic in the sense that there were flowers and candy and hot sex haha or a cute love poem confessing his love for me, but in that moment none of that stuff even mattered.....I married him on 9.19.09 <3

Your story is the sweetest Tina! Take a peek on her beautiful wedding here

Congratulations winners!

I will be having another giveaway soon. March is my birth month.. :) So stay tuned..


With Love, Elle said...

oh my such great life stories, its sooooo very touching!!!!
to steph: that is amazing, and life is just so great, to have so many kindness around us. im truly happy for u, that u have a special sarah friend to grow up wif! hugs
to tina: what a wonderful guy! the best gifts are always the thoughts that comes wif it, and ur guy scored a million points! hugs

xoxo elle
ps: thanks, angel! gr8 meaningful giveaway!

Robolegojupiter said...

Thank you so much Angel (I have sent you an e-mail) and With Love, Elle for such kind comments!!

I have been through a lot in my life and I am glad I had this opportunity to share a little part of my story with you.

Gabriela said...

Congrats to the winners!

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, sub/dude said...

Sweetheart, promise me you'll make it to Heaven, miss gorgeous girl, where everything is possible. Promise?? See ya soon, doll. God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL